Visitor Questions

How should I dress?

Come as you are!  Casual dress is the norm at First United; and if you feel like dressing up or getting all decked out–by all means go for it!

What time should I get there?

Our service begins promptly at 5:00.  Delayed by traffic or one of San Francisco’s notorious protests?  No problem–come on in whenever you arrive!

How long is the service?

Usually about an hour and 15 minutes; then we like to mill around and socialize afterwards, usually with light refreshments.

Is the worship location accessible for people with disabilities?

First United is committed to full accessibility, and we are dedicated to working with all of our hosts to make the worship locations accessible to all.  Our new location–St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church at 2097 Turk Street–is in the process of making its spaces fully accessible.  If you have questions regarding accessibility, please call the church office at (415) 359-1025, or  Contact Us.

What about Communion?  May I participate?  May children receive Communion?

At First United, ALL ARE WELCOME to participate, regardless of age, church background, or faith tradition. Jesus welcomes all to the table.

You have options!
Gluten-free wafers are available, along with the bread.  Both wine and grape juice are provided.

Children and others who do not wish to receive the elements are still invited to come and receive a blessing.

Will I feel pressured to join the church?

Many congregants in the First United community participate in our fellowship for years without “joining” the congregation.  ALL ARE WELCOME, we are a spiritually diverse community of seekers of the Spirit.

Will I be able to participate in educational, music, social and service activities if I am not a member?

You are invited and encouraged to participate at whatever level to which you feel drawn.  We have vital music ministry, children’s ministry, worship, and social ministry.

Are children welcome?

Children are welcomed and encouraged!   Children take an active part in our worship each week and learn in a supportive, encouraging environment.

Are non-traditional families welcome?

First United is a “Reconciling in Christ” (RIC) congregation that has declared that all persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities are equally welcome to join fully in the worship and life of the community.

How do you handle giving/tithing?

Your presence at our worship is a gift to us for which we give thanks.  An offering basket is located at the entrance for all who would like to offer a gift or pledge–First United has a long-standing tradition of not “passing the plate”.  Members and associates are encouraged to participate in offering thanksgiving through the Simply Giving program of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.  You may download a Simply Giving contribution form here.