Sermons and Weekly Prayer

Recent sermons from Pastor Susan & guests

  • Wilderness Spirituality–Wilderness Sunday, Season of Creation, Sep. 28 2014  print   audio
  • And We’ve Got To Get Ourselves Back To The Garden–Land Sunday, Season of Creation, Sep 21 2014  print   audio
  • Living in the Sacred Watershed–River Sunday in the Season of Creation, Sep 14, 2014  print   audio
  • Trinity and the Meaning of Three–Holy Trinity, June 15, 2014  print   audio
  • Be of One Mind? In the Church?–Easter VII, June 1, 2014  print   audio
  • Grieving Our Losses on Memorial Day–Easter VI, May 24, 2014  print   audio
  • Don’t Let Your Hearts Be Troubled–Easter V, May 18, 2014  print   audio
  • Your Choice: Scarcity or Abundance?–Easter IV, May 11, 2014  print   audio

Weekly Prayer: Congregation member (and current President) Steve Johnson provides the following audio recordings of weekly prayer appropriate to the theme and readings for each Sunday.  To listen, just click on a link below.

  • (Weekly Prayer is currently on leave; it will resume later this year.)