Sermons and Weekly Prayer

Recent sermons from Pastor Susan & guests

  • Listen! God Is Calling!–Epiphany II & Martin Luther King observance, January 18, 2015  print   audio
  • You Are Beloved. Really.–Baptism of Jesus, January 11, 2015  print   audio
  • Mary Fierce & Strong?–Advent IV, December 21, 2014  print   audio
  • We Need A Little Christmas–Advent III, December 14, 2014  print   audio
  • Waiting in the Dark–Advent I, November 30, 2014  print   audio
  • Bridesmaids 2: The Biblical Version–Pentecost XXII, November 9, 2014  print   audio
  • Evolutionary Saints–All Saints Sunday, November 2, 2014  print   audio
  • Free to Be “Divergent”–Reformation Sunday and Rite of Confirmation, Oct. 26, 2014  print   audio

Weekly Prayer: Congregation member (and current President) Steve Johnson provides the following audio recordings of weekly prayer appropriate to the theme and readings for each Sunday.  To listen, just click on a link below.

  • (Weekly Prayer is currently on leave; it will resume later this year.)